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Heavy equipment jobs can be difficult. Running your business doesn't have to be. RapidWorks gives you complete command and control over every job so you can stay focused on what matters most — doing great work for your customers. 

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Complete job automation, from quote to invoice.

Integrated job management
Give your team everything they need to execute jobs as efficiently as possible, so you can grow your business one job at a time.
Make it easy for your crew to complete and submit DVIRs and safety forms on the go so you always have them on record. 
Simplify the way you manage your jobs, clients, and crew. No more paper tickets or maintenance forms — no more mistakes.
Automatically bill your customers for the work performed every day, so you can get paid faster and more accurately.

Manage costs and maximize utilization.

RapidWorks helps heavy equipment owners manage costs and maximize utilization while making it a whole lot easier to run your business. 

  • View live updates on all of your jobs in progress. 
  • Get the most out of your fleet with smarter dispatching based on live truck and crew availability. 
  • Regulate payroll hours and calculate payroll for your team in minutes. 
  • Get detailed performance insights that help your business grow.  
Reports showing equipment utilization by month and upcoming jobs.

Reduce mistakes with a single source of truth for every job.

RapidWorks puts everything you need to run your business in one place, from scheduling to payroll and everything in between. 

  • Keep track of all  job documents in once place, from vehicle inspection reports to customer signatures. 
  • Keep your entire team in sync and automatically alert your crew when job details change. 
  • Quickly confirm jobs with customers and keep them in the loop with ETAs and updates. 
  • Cut down on paperwork and lost tickets with electronic job tickets
Job Details screen from an electronic job ticket, displayed on a mobile phone.

Switch to daily billing and get paid faster.

RapidWorks makes it easy to bill your clients for the work your team performs each day, so you can get paid faster and more accurately than ever.

  • Quickly and accurately calculate payroll based on your crew's activity.
  • Automatically generate invoices from job tickets so you can bill customers daily. 
  • Eliminate paper tickets and never lose revenue from a missing ticket again.
A customer invoice and the electronic job ticket it was generated from.

Powerful Tools for Your Entire Team

Truck locations displayed on a map, and job confirmation on a mobile device.

Smarter scheduling for busy crews.

RapidWorks gives dispatchers a central dashboard with a live view of your trucks and operators, so they can book business faster and maximize utilization every day. 
Sample DVIR on a mobile device.

Better execution and compliance on the job.

Rapid On-The-Go! gives your crew access to the schedule information, safety forms, and job tickets they need to execute every job with precision. 
Sample invoice and electronic job ticket.

Streamlined billing from order to invoice.

RapidWorks simplifies billing for accounting teams by automatically generating invoices based on payroll hours, job ticket details, and more. 
Analytics dashboard showing performance trends

A bird's-eye-view of your business.

Get the insights you need to grow your business with detailed analytics about your fleet's performance, utilization, revenue, and more. 

Built for heavy equipment teams. Built for more.

RapidWorks is a complete, all-in-one software built from the ground up for heavy equipment job management.
We've got everything you need to take orders, execute jobs, and bill your clients — and everything in between. 

noun-customer-care-4861150-White-Orange Scheduling & Dispatching Quickly find the right truck for every job, and schedule more second-round jobs for your crew.  
noun-delivery-1953237-White-Orange Yard Management Get live updates on truck location and maintenance status so you can get the most out of your fleet.  
noun-safety-6349734-White-Orange Safety & Compliance Keep track of truck inspections, safety reports, and operator certifications in one place.  
noun-checklist-6355012-White-Orange Electronic Job Tickets Say goodbye to paper tickets forever. Automatically capture and share job details with electronic tickets.   
noun-payroll-4002878-White-Orange Timesheets & Payroll Calculate payroll in minutes  based on your crew's time on site, in the truck, and at the yard.  
noun-agreement-6349722-White-Orange Customer Invoicing Initial quotes, taking orders, and invoicing. Upgrade to daily billing and get paid faster.   


RapidWorks is proud to power high performing heavy equipment teams all over the world. 

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Todd MorganPresident
"RapidWorks has been a vital tool in helping our teams manage multiple locations efficiently and effectively."
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Art FinkVP & General Manager
"RapidWorks electronic job tickets and dispatching create efficiencies that allow us to operate in multiple markets throughout Northern California from a central office."
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Ashley PadgettOffice Manager
"Billing a high volume of invoices quickly and accurately along with posting payments has never been easier."
$1.5 Billion in annual invoices
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