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Mobile Crane lifting assembling a wind turbine


Take the stress out of running your crane rental business. With RapidWorks you can manage your trucks, crew, and jobs in a single platform, making it easy to take on more work and get paid faster. 
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Build a more profitable crane service business, one job at a time.

We know running a crane rental business can be a heavy lift, but we’ve got your back when it comes to helping your business thrive. RapidWorks gives you a birds-eye view of your trucks, crew, and jobs so you can get the most out of your fleet and build a more profitable business. 


Managing your mobile crane equipment, crew, and jobs just got easier.

Trying to get the right equipment and operators to every job can feel like a big puzzle, but your business depends on getting it right.
RapidWorks was purpose-built to help crane rental teams execute jobs with precision and get home on time every day. 


✖️ Piles of dirty or lost paper tickets cost your business money.
✖️ Staying late to get customer invoices out on time.  
✖️ Calling operators to see who can take on new jobs. 
✖️ Dispatchers can't tell customers where their truck is.
✖️ Crew members sitting in the shop while on the clock.
✖️ Manually building reports in Excel or requesting them from HR.
Running your business with Google Docs, spreadsheets, and paper tickets means spending lots of time on paperwork, phone calls, and building reports, and less time growing your business. 


Electronic job tickets get submitted right from the job site.
Automated invoicing instantly turns tickets into PDF invoices.
Instant messaging connects dispatchers with operators.
The map view shows you live truck location and job status.
Operator hours audits help you identify and reduce time theft. 
Automated reporting gives you insights in real time.
RapidWorks does the heavy lifting for you, reducing paperwork and automating admin work so you can focus on improving execution, customer service, and building a more profitable business.

No matter what kind of crane services you offer, we can help you work smarter from quote to invoice.

Civil Engineering
Industrial Installation
and more
$1.5 Billion in annual invoices

Hear why heavy equipment contractors love RapidWorks.

RapidWorks is proud to help heavy equipment service teams around the world take on more work and get paid faster.
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BonnieService Dispatcher
“RapidWorks has helped us out tremendously with dispatching times and productivity. The best part is being able to send an operator a job while they’re already out. Less time on the phone with the crew means more time on the phone with customers for booking more jobs. Plus RapidWorks basically does billing for you. Now it takes 2 minutes a day instead of 45. Fewer mistakes. Less human error. My job is a lot easier!” 
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AntonioEquipment Operator
"Everybody at the shop loves RapidWorks. Our customers are also happier because they have fewer things to sign. They get an email with their job ticket and can get right back to work. RapidWorks is much better than paper and it's easy to learn — it's like using a cell phone."
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Todd MorganPresident
"RapidWorks has been a vital tool in helping our teams manage multiple locations efficiently and effectively."

Ready to see RapidWorks
in action?

Meet with a member of our team and we'll show you firsthand why drilling and boring companies love working with RapidWorks.

On the demo we'll show you:

  • The Dispatching Dashboard, where you get a live view of all your trucks, equipment, and operators. 
  • The Rapid On-The-Go! mobile app, with electronic job tickets, digital DVIRs, and smart routing for your crew. 
  • Crew Central, where you can audit operator hours and submit directly to payroll. 
  • The Customer Billing Center, your one-stop-shop for managing billing and invoices.