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Operator completing a hydrovac job


RapidWorks makes it easier than ever to get the right equipment and the right people to every job, while taking the headache out of managing your business. It's hydrovac job management, simplified.  
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Get the most out of your hydrovac crew and equipment with RapidWorks.

Running a hydrovac business is full of challenges, but we’ve got your back when it comes to smoothly executing every job. RapidWorks makes it easy for hydrovac teams to manage their trucks, crew, and jobs all in one place and puts your hands on the steering wheel so you can build a more profitable hydrovac business. 

Truck Fleet Management Maximize equipment utilization and get the most out of your hydrovac fleet.
Fleet Management Schedule the right truck and equipment for every job and stay on top of maintenance so you can reduce idle time and get the most out of your fleet.
Safety Field Management Increase your crew's billable hours and get the right operators to every job.
Field Management Improve your crew’s impact on your business by streamlining their work in the field and maximizing their billable hours, all while simplifying payroll.
Agreement Job Management Improve customer satisfaction and get paid faster for every job.
Job Management RapidWorks streamlines the entire quote to cash process by eliminating paper tickets and simplifying billing, and invoicing. 
Fleet Management

Get more out of your hydrovac fleet.

Hydrovac trucks and equipment are a serious investment. RapidWorks helps you get the most out of your fleet with smarter scheduling and maintenance tracking that helps reduce idle time and maximize fleet utilization every day. 

  • Match new job requirements to the best available trucks and crew, and keep your certified operators free for specialized jobs. 
  • View live truck and operator location on the map and provide customers with estimated arrival times.    
  • Keep track of utilization and keep trucks and equipment off the schedule when maintenance is due.  
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Hydrovac crew on a job
Field Management

Maximize your crew's billable hours.

Get more out of your team by making it easier for operators to spend more time on the job and less time in the yard.  

  • Give operators everything they need to prepare for and execute the day’s jobs.  
  • Eliminate paperwork for your crew with digital DVIRs, JSAs, and electronic job tickets. 
  • Quickly confirm operator availability and certifications without spending time on the phone.  
  • Automatically track each operator’s time in the truck, on the job site, and in the yard so you can calculate payroll in minutes.  
  • See which operators bill the most hours and identify crew members that need coaching.  
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Job Management

Simplify job management from quote to cash.

Improve customer satisfaction and get paid faster with electronic job tickets and simplified billing and invoicing. 

  • Quickly capture customer requirements and confirm new jobs faster with streamlined scheduling tools.  
  • Make sure your crew is on time and prepared for every job on their schedule with notes and alerts. 
  • Create a centralized record of all the work done for every job with electronic job tickets that update in real time.  
  • Bill your customers the same day and get paid faster with streamlined price books and invoicing. 
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Operator with a tablet filling out a job safety assessment


RapidWorks is proud to power high performing heavy equipment teams all over the world. 

$1.5 Billion in annual invoices
Cloud9 operator completing a hydrovac job


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