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Get the most out of your trucks, crew, and jobs.

RapidWorks is the leading heavy equipment job management software, with everything your team needs to book more jobs, bill more hours, maximize utilization, and get paid faster. See how RapidWorks can help you build a more profitable business today! 

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Manage your business from quote to invoice, all in one place.

From the first customer call to the final invoice, RapidWorks makes tough jobs easier.
We combine fleet, field, and job management in a single system for your entire team.
Less paperwork. Less admin time. More jobs done right.

Truck Fleet Management RapidWorks makes it easy to reduce idle time and maximize equipment utilization with smart scheduling tools and maintenance tracking.  
Safety Field Management RapidWorks gives heavy equipment crews everything they need to execute the day's jobs and maximize their billable hours.  
Agreement Job Management RapidWorks simplifies job and invoice management by eliminating paper tickets, making it easier to book, dispatch, and bill for every job.   


Trying to get the right trucks and operators to every job can feel like a giant puzzle, but your business depends on getting it right.
RapidWorks was purpose-built to help heavy equipment teams execute jobs with precision and get home on time every day. 


✖️ Piles of dirty or lost paper tickets cost your business money.
✖️ Staying late to get customer invoices out on time.  
✖️ Calling operators to see who can take on new jobs. 
✖️ Dispatchers can't tell customers where their truck is.
✖️ Crew members sitting in the shop while on the clock.
✖️ Manually building reports in Excel or requesting them from HR.
Running your business with Google Docs, spreadsheets, and paper tickets means spending lots of time on paperwork, phone calls, and building reports, and less time growing your business. 


Electronic job tickets get submitted right from the job site.
Automated invoicing instantly turns tickets into PDF invoices.
Instant messaging connects dispatchers with operators.
The map view shows you live truck location and job status.
Operator hours audits help you identify and reduce time theft. 
Automated reporting gives you insights in real time.
RapidWorks does the heavy lifting for you, reducing paperwork and automating admin work so you can focus on improving execution, customer service, and the health of your business.
Fleet Management


RapidWorks gives dispatchers a bird's-eye-view of the entire fleet so they can schedule new jobs faster, reduce idle time, and maximize utilization every day. 

  • Job Booker: Quickly capture all the details you need to get new jobs on the schedule, from desktop or mobile app.  
  • Map View: Get a live look at each truck's location and job status on one screen. See who's already on the job and who's nearby and ready for more work in seconds. 
  • Schedule View: Manage your entire team's schedule from one place. See at a glance which trucks and operators are available to take on new jobs. 
  • Time Clock: Keep track of operator hours for each pay period so you can manage allocation and reduce overtime.
  • Maintenance Tracker: Automatically keep trucks off the schedule when maintenance is due.
  • Instant Messaging: Send your customers and crew SMS text or in-app messages to confirm jobs and send updates when details change.
Job Management


From clock-in to clock-out, the RapidWorks mobile app gives operators everything they need to reduce paperwork and execute the day's jobs with precision.

  • Digital Timecards: Clock in with RapidWorks and automatically track time in the truck, on the job, and in the yard.
  • Mobile Scheduling: Schedule jobs on the go for users with relevant permissions.
  • Jobs List: See all the details for your upcoming jobs in one place.   
  • Map-Based Locations: Get directions to every job site's exact location on the map. 
  • Job Alerts: Get notified when job requirements change and confirm new job assignments with just a tap.
  • Safety Forms: Submit digital DVIRs and JSAs right from the app.   
  • Notes & Photos: Submit notes and photos from the job site. 
  • Electronic Job Tickets: Log your work, capture customer signatures, and submit job tickets on the go.
Rapid On-The-Go
Field Management


View and manage your entire crew's work activity in one place so you can reduce time theft and maximize your team's billable hours.

  • Operator Hours Audit: See exactly when crew members clocked in, left the yard, arrived on site, and left the job. Quickly see when operators start working late or early.
  • Hours Summary: Automatically calculate total time on the clock, in the yard, in the truck, and on the job.   
  • Hours of Service: Operators can easily view hours worked and hours behind the wheel for personal use or to share with regulatory agencies.
  • Time Cards: Generate and send detailed time cards for each operator in just a few clicks. 
  • Timesheet Export: Export timesheet data for import into your payroll system. 
Crew Central Operators Hours Audit & Summary
Invoice Management


Reduce paperwork, improve customer satisfaction, and get paid faster with a one-stop-shop for managing billing and invoices.

  • Automated Invoicing: Automatically get PDF invoices from each job ticket. Bill customers the same day and get paid faster. 
  • Accuracy Audit: Quickly see when time reported on the job ticket doesn't match the GPS log.
  • Pricing and Surcharges: Adjust invoices for discounts, surcharges, taxes, equipment usage, and customer-specific pricing. 
  • Invoice Merge: Create a single invoice from multiple job tickets for the same customer. 
  • Flexible Templates: Customize your invoice template and get customer-ready PDFs with your logo and company details.
  • Email and Track: Email invoices and job tickets to your customers and get a record of when they were sent.  
Customer Billing Center


Build a stronger business with RapidWorks' automated reports on revenue, performance, utilization, and more.

Asset Utilization

Monitor utilization rates for your most important trucks and equipment.

Billable Hours
See which operators are billing the most hours and which need more coaching.
Revenue Breakdown
Identify the trucks, operators, jobs, and clients that bring in the most revenue.
Revenue Forecasting
Estimate future revenue based on recent business performance. 
Recent Jobs
Quickly identify your best customers and which customers haven't booked a job in a while.
Aging Invoices
Keep track of unpaid invoices so you can follow up and get paid faster.  



See why heavy equipment contractors around the world love RapidWorks. 

“I love the live interactions with my guys and the customers. I can see my crew’s status without having to call them, which takes the stress off of them and off of me. And when I make a change to a job it sends it right to my guys and they can see it in the app. RapidWorks cuts down at least 20 minutes in the evening making sure I have the route tickets together.”
Capital Concrete Pumping Logo
"Everybody at the shop loves RapidWorks. Our customers are also happier because they have fewer things to sign. They get an email with their job ticket and can get right back to work. RapidWorks is much better than paper and it's easy to learn — it's like using a cell phone."
Jensen's Concrete Pumping Logo
AntonioEquipment Operator
“RapidWorks has helped us out tremendously with dispatching times and productivity. The best part is being able to send an operator a job while they’re already out. Less time on the phone with the crew means more time on the phone with customers for booking more jobs. Plus RapidWorks basically does billing for you. Now it takes 2 minutes a day instead of 45. Fewer mistakes. Less human error. My job is a lot easier!
Ramcrete Concrete Pumping Logo
BonnieService Dispatcher
“With RapidWorks there’s so much less stress. Before, we were looking for lost papers every day. Now the guys don’t have to worry about having a pen or getting the paper wrinkled or dirty. There’s just a button they press to submit their tickets and we get them right then and there on the same day. We use so much less paper now — at least 100 pieces of paper for the guys each day.” 
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CindyHuman Resources Specialist
"With RapidWorks, when you finish your first job you can just click on the second job and it routes you straight there, you don't need to make any phone calls or anything like that. Plus all the information you need is in there, and it saves all your hand-in paper. It's pretty sweet!"
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JasonEquipment Operator
"RapidWorks' mobile app for operators is the most significant technological breakthrough in the pumping industry in the last 10 years. Not only did this get rid of paperwork for the guys, but we also get an accurate breakdown of their hours for payroll and DOT compliance, and we can make sure we send them to the right location for each job. There isn’t extra work for them, it’s just part of their day-to-day workflow."
CF&T Concrete Pumping
Art FinkVP & General Manager
Built for heavy equipment teams. Built to get the job done.

Fleet, field, and job management tools for your entire team.

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Electronic Job Tickets
RapidWorks makes it easy to reduce idle time and maximize equipment utilization with smart scheduling and maintenance tracking.
Timesheets & Hours Audits
We empower you to maximize your crew’s impact on your business by streamlining their work in the field and maximizing their billable hours.
Invoicing & Billing
RapidWorks simplifies job management from quote to cash by eliminating paper tickets and making it easier to book new jobs and invoice customers.
Safety & Compliance
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$1.5 Billion in annual invoices
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