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RapidWorks ERPs QuickBooks Integration


Instantly port your invoices and reconcile your books with our QuickBooks Invoice Integration. Simply send your invoices with the press of a button.

Tackle the work with RapidWorks, balance the books with QuickBooks

Running a heavy equipment services company is hard enough as it is. With our QuickBooks invoice integration, you can lean on RapidWorks' industry-leading job management solutions to run your operations. And, at the click of a button, you can continue to rely on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop to manage your invoices and reconcile your general ledger.
noun-delivery-1953237-Blue-Cement Save Time Transmit invoices at the click of a button.
Save Time No more time wasted on double-entry. Simply transmit your invoices (and reconcile your books) with the click of a button.
noun-check-4804494-Blue-Cement Accurate Bookkeeping No more mistakes from manual entry.
Accurate Bookkeeping Eliminate mistakes that come from manual entry by directly exporting your invoices into your accounting system of record.
noun-payroll-4002878-Blue-Cement Faster Invoicing Daily invoicing without the headaches.
Faster Invoicing Invoice from QuickBooks? No problem! With invoices instantly transmitted to QuickBooks, you can bill customers without stacks of paperwork. 

Send Invoices Directly to QuickBooks

Run your operations with RapidWorks while managing your finances from QuickBooks. Rapid-On-The-Go! will capture all your relevant job ticket information, including billable hours, travel fees, overages, and more. Use Rapid ERP to verify your job tickets and generate your invoices. Then, with the click of a button, transfer them directly to your QuickBooks Online or Desktop account. No more double-entry, no more manual errors.
Send invoices generated from job tickets straight to your QuickBooks Online account

QuickBooks Invoice Integration

Using the Quickbooks invoice integration is easy. We'll work with you to create an initial connection to your QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online account. Once that's configured, it's just a matter of pressing one button.

Connect & Import QuickBooks Data
We'll connect to your QuickBooks Online or Desktop instance and configure customers & line items to match your setup.
Execute Jobs with RapidWorks
Continue to use RapidWorks to log your electronic job tickets. We will capture billable hours, service fees, overages, and more.
Generate Invoices & Port to QuickBooks
Once completed, convert your job tickets into invoices. Port one or multiple invoices to QuickBooks via bulk transfer at the click of a button.
View Invoice Data in QuickBooks
View exported invoices directly in QuickBooks Online or Desktop for billing, collections, balancing books, and more.


RapidWorks is proud to power high performing heavy equipment teams all over the world.

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Ashley PadgettCapital Concrete Pumping
"Billing a high volume of invoices quickly and accurately along with posting payments has never been easier."
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Art FinkCF&T Concrete Pumping
"RapidWorks electronic job tickets and dispatching create efficiencies that allow us to operate in multiple markets throughout Northern California from a central office."
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Todd MorganRamcrete Concrete Pumping
"RapidWorks has been a vital tool in helping our teams manage multiple locations efficiently and effectively."
$1.5 Billion in annual invoices
Operators preparing for heavy equipment job (reduced file size)