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Heavy equipment dispatching team manages work on multiple screens.

Dispatching heavy equipment jobs just got easier.

Immediately schedule new jobs with the right trucks and give your operators the details they need to get the job done right. More new business. Maximum utilization. No headaches. 

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Juggle jobs, trucks, and operators — with your eyes closed (almost).

Automated job management keeps the phone lines open for new business. Confirm your crew's availability in seconds and book new jobs on the spot. 
Get the most out of your fleet. Easily reroute the right trucks to the right jobs and schedule more second- and third-order jobs for your crew. 
Say goodbye to paper tickets forever. Automatically confirm job details with operators and customers and keep everyone in the loop when things change.

Always be ready for new jobs.

RapidWorks streamlines the job management process so you can be free to do more of what matters most — being there for your customers. 

  • Confirm jobs with customers and operators without picking up the phone. 
  • Automatically notify crew members when job details change.  
  • Send direct messages to your crew, keeping the phone lines free. 
  • Quickly see what resources you have available to take new jobs.    
A map view shows live truck location and a mobile device displays job confirmation.

Get more out of your fleet.

Build smarter schedules based on real-time data about your trucks and operators, so you can easily get the right truck and the right people to every job.

  • See real-time truck and crew status with the live map view.
  • Keep track of operator certifications in one place.
  • Stay up to date on truck maintenance.
  • Automatically calculate resource allocation as the schedule changes.
  • Maximize equipment utilization and revenue.
Reports show equipment utilization and upcoming jobs.

Take the headache (and the paper) out of job tickets.

Never lose track of the details again. RapidWorks streamlines everything from capturing new job requirements to confirming and submitting tickets, and everything in between. 

  • Send detailed electronic job tickets to your crew.
  • Automatically collect tickets when each job is done.
  • Review, modify, and submit tickets in just a few clicks. 
  • Get a complete digital paper trail of your team's output.
Mobile device shows an electronic job ticket.

Dispatching solutions built for more.

RapidWorks has everything dispatchers need to manage their jobs, crews, equipment, and customers.
From scheduling to billing, and everything in between. 

noun-schedule-6350461-White-Orange BOOKING & SCHEDULING Quickly capture job requirements and find the next best resources to take the job.   
noun-location-6364157-White-Orange LIVE MAP VIEW See the location and status of all your trucks and operators in real time.   
noun-vote-22498-White-Orange JOB CONFIRMATION Confirm jobs with operators and customers without picking up the phone.    
noun-notification-2139038-White-Orange Job Alerts Automatically notify crew members with new jobs or special instructions when job details change.    
noun-messaging-1351132-White-Orange Operator Messaging Centralize communication with your crew with in-app and SMS messaging that creates a record you can refer back to.    
noun-checklist-6355012-White-Orange Electronic Job Tickets Automatically get a digital record of every job as soon as it's complete. Reviewing, modifying, and submitting tickets has never been easier.  


RapidWorks is proud to power high performing heavy equipment teams all over the world. 

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“I love the live interactions with my guys and the customers. I can see my crew’s status without having to call them, which takes the stress off of them and off of me. And when I make a change to a job it sends it right to my guys and they can see it in the app. RapidWorks cuts down at least 20 minutes in the evening making sure I have the route tickets together.” 

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BonnieService Dispatcher

“RapidWorks has helped us out tremendously with dispatching times and productivity. The best part is being able to send an operator a job while they’re already out. Less time on the phone with the crew means more time on the phone with customers for booking more jobs. Plus RapidWorks basically does billing for you. Now it takes 2 minutes a day instead of 45. Fewer mistakes. Less human error. My job is a lot easier!” 

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CindyHuman Resources Specialist

“With RapidWorks there’s so much less stress. Before, we were looking for lost papers every day. Now the guys don’t have to worry about having a pen or getting the paper wrinkled or dirty. There’s just a button they press to submit their tickets and we get them right then and there on the same day. We use so much less paper now — at least 100 pieces of paper for the guys each day.” 

$1.5 Billion in annual invoices


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