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RapidWorks Team1/4/24 8:53 AM1 min read

See Why The Former ACPA President Trusts RapidWorks for Job Management

Central Concrete Pumping is a family owned and operated company that has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1981. Carl Walker, a former president of the American Concrete Pavement Association, has served as a general manager and partner at Central Concrete Pumping for the last 35 years. In this post, we catch up with Carl to learn more about how his team uses RapidWorks to streamline job tickets, billing, and payroll.

“We’ve been using [RapidWorks] for 20 years now. The technology has been awesome,” Walker says. “We’re able to bill customers as soon as the job’s finished. We bill them now even before the pump gets back to the yard.”

“My wife likes it because it cuts down on the paper and billing,” Walker tells us. “It makes things flow better in the office. [RapidWorks] emails the job ticket right to our customer when we’re done.” 

That way, Carl explains,  instead of throwing away a paper ticket, their customers can always refer back to an electronic copy they have alongside their invoice for the job. No more calls back to to the office from customers looking for another copy of their job ticket, just one streamlined process with less work for the office. 

Walker also enjoys the way RapidWorks simplifies the payroll process. “It’s made things a lot more seamless doing payroll,” he says. Now on Thursdays, the team just has to look at RapidWorks to see the hours for their crew. After reviewing for accuracy, “it’s pretty much just a few clicks and payroll is done,” Walker says. “Payroll day used to be a big deal, but [RapidWorks] makes it much easier. 

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