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RapidWorks Team1/4/24 8:41 AM2 min read

See How The Texan Pumpers Company Eliminated Lost Job Tickets with RapidWorks

The Texan Pumpers Company is an experienced team specializing in residential, commercial, industrial, and petrochemical jobs. After years using paper tickets , they decided to switch to RapidWorks to streamline ticketing and dispatching for both their office staff and crew. Now their operators use tablets running Rapid On-The-Go to manage their jobs in the field. In this post we’ll hear from office staff and operators about how RapidWorks has changed the way they do business.   

“We love the tablets. Before the tablets we lost a lot of job tickets. But now that we have them, it's awesome. We get [job tickets] right there and then that same day, whenever they send them. We just started doing that and we love it. The guys love it. It's easy to do. We just love the tablets. Y'all should try them. They're awesome.”  

In addition to simplifying things on the job site for operators, moving away from paper tickets has also made life easier for the team in the office.    

“There's less stress [for us in the office]. Before papers were lost. After they turned them in we would have to look for the papers every day. Now we have them right away. [...] Let's just say we have 10 or 11 trucks, and paper was flying for every job and every truck. It was about 100 papers just for the guys every day. Now we don't need to do that. We're saving money as well. [RapidWorks] pays for itself, because you actually save money in other places.”  

We also spoke with Blanca Garza, who is in charge of billing. Blanca has to handle all of job tickets, and shared how much easier that is to do now that the team is using RapidWorks:  

“I am in charge of billing, and handle all of the job tickets. I make sure that everything is entered correctly so I can do the billing in a timely manner. The tablets have actually been a very big help. Before the tablets  there were some operators that did not turn in their job tickets and they were lost. Now, we always have everything immediately. As soon as they leave the job, I have my ticket, and I can bill [the customer] instantly.    

“[RapidWorks] has been a very wise investment. Saving just one misplaced job ticket will pay off the full month of the tablets. So, it's a very worthwhile investment for the company."

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RapidWorks Team

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