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RapidWorks Team1/4/24 9:02 AM3 min read

How Jensen's Concrete Pumping Eliminated Paper Job Tickets With RapidWorks

Jensen's Concrete Line Pumping has been servicing commercial, industrial and residential markets near Marietta, Georgia since 2001. The team have been using RapidWorks since 2018, when they equipped their operators with tablets running Rapid On-The-Go as a replacement for their old paper job ticketing system. In this post we’ll hear from their office staff and operators about how RapidWorks has changed the way they do business.  

“We've been using [RapidWorks] since the beginning of the year and we absolutely love it,” says Miriam Jensen. “It was able to save us a lot of time. The operators love the fact that they don't have to carry papers. They don't have to worry about losing a ticket or getting the ticket dirty.” 

“More than anything, the time savings were big for us. What I like the most about the tablets versus the written tickets is, of course, the efficiency that we always talk about. Any notes on the job site or any information that [our operators] have to put in, the information is fresh. Once they put in the tablet it's already there in the dispatcher view. If they have a discrepancy on the job, they write details on it and it's straight to dispatch. Dispatchers then always know what's going on so if customers call in with any discrepancy or complaints we’re prepared, or we can even give a thumbs up for an operator.” 

Bonnie, a dispatcher for Jensen’s Concrete Pumping, told us RapidWorks has become an irreplaceable part of her workflow: 

“The best part of [RapidWorks] is being able to send operators jobs while they're already out versus having to print out a bunch of tickets in the beginning of the day,” she told us. “There’s a lot less paper, a lot less admin time. Dispatching is a lot easier.” 

”My job is a lot easier with [RapidWorks], and definitely a lot more efficient. I spend less time with operators on the phone. Now I can send direct messages to the tablet. A lot less time on the phone means more time on the phone with customers booking more jobs.” 

“The tablets are also more efficient in the billing area because it basically does it for you,” says Bonnie. Before they can start their work for the day the Jensen’s crew has to clock in with RapidWorks, and then clock out when they’ve completed their work, which gives dispatchers like Bonnie an accurate picture of how much the team has worked each day. According to Bonnie, “it helps tremendously with time [...] You just have to make sure times are correct. It's very brief and it takes me maybe 10 minutes a day versus 45.”  

“There are less mistakes and less human error. It's helped us out tremendously with dispatching times, productivity, and everything!” 

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In addition to the office staff, the crew at Jensen’s Concrete Pumping also benefit from using RapidWorks to manage jobsite details during their workday.   

“I like it better than paper [tickets],” says Antonio, a concrete pump operator. “It’s easy to learn. Everyone at the shop loves them.” 

“You just hit the routing button and it takes you straight to the job [...] And customers are happier with the tablets because they just have to sign two things instead of 30. It’s better for us so customers don’t get aggravated with too much paperwork. They can just sign this and go about their business.”  

“We're a small business,” Miriam added. “We're family owned. We're growing. We thought in the beginning we might not be able to afford the tablets. But we could notice the difference in one month.  Let’s say it’s one hundred dollars to pay for a tablet, it's a hundred dollars saved in dispatch time. And you can save money with lifetime GPS too. That’s why it was a no brainer. When you look back, I just don't know how we did it without the tablets before."  


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