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RapidWorks Team6/5/24 11:03 AM2 min read

See How George's Concrete Pumping Saved Time on Paperwork with RapidWorks

George’s Concrete Pumping is a seasoned team that provides residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural concrete pumping services across Indianapolis, IN. In this interview, we hear from President George Knapp and Vice President Renee Fogleman on why they switched to RapidWorks to keep all the information they need in one place. Plus, learn how operator Jason Matthews enjoys using RapidWorks.

“We’ve had [RapidWorks] for about two and a half years,” says Vice President Renee Fogleman. “We don’t know what we would do without it.” 

“It just makes everything easier. Once you get all the info, input it into [RapidWorks systems], you go back to jobs and it's all right there. It’s such a vast amount of information available at your fingertips.” 

Before implementing RapidWorks, all of their operations were managed on paper. They had to juggle day-to-day changes on tickets stapled to a whiteboard. President George Knapp shared “people would switch stuff around, it was just becoming a nightmare.” 

Going paperless with RapidWorks has made operations run more smoothly and offered checks and balances. “Sometimes the operators would forget to turn their tickets in. [RapidWorks] is paperless, but you have an electronic trail, that you can go back and say you know, yes you did [complete a job], or no you didn’t.”  

“It makes everything easier. I can get a week behind now and just zoom through it [with RapidWorks],” Knapp shares. Fogleman adds he "was spending weekends invoicing" before RapidWorks. 

With the day-to-day operations simplified with RapidWorks, Knapp and Fogelman felt more secure in their business.

“[RapidWorks] takes the fear out of growing... It takes the fear out of more time commitment because with just a click of a button [you can] add more pumps and more jobs.”  

We also heard from Jason Matthews, a concrete pump operator for George’s Concrete Pumping.  

Like Knapp and Fogleman, Matthews saw the improvement of going paperless. “[RapidWorks] is nice. It saves your hand-in paperwork. All the information you need is there. You click on the route you need to take, pull up the GPS, and it takes you right to the job.” 

RapidWorks even helps operators like Matthews book second-round jobs. “The information is all there, so once I finish the first job, I just click on that second job and go straight to the second job. I don’t have to make any phone calls.” 

The team at George’s Concrete Pumping couldn’t recommend RapidWorks more to others in their industry. “Don’t wait as long as we did to get your act together,” says Fogleman. “It makes everything easier,” Knapp adds.


RapidWorks Team

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