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RapidWorks Team5/30/24 10:15 AM2 min read

RapidWorks partners with Brundage-Bone for industry-first online service requests in concrete pumping

BOSTON, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidWorks, the leading job and fleet management software for heavy equipment construction service companies, today announced the release of Rapid Service Request, a new online ordering portal that enables construction contractors to request concrete pumping services directly from concrete pumping providers. The product is being released in partnership with Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping, the largest concrete pumping and material placement company in the United States.

The launch of Rapid Service Request (RSR) brings on-demand ordering to the concrete pumping industry for the first time, giving contractors a dedicated mobile app for placing and tracking their service requests. It also gives concrete pumping companies an easier way to collect orders from their customers anytime, anywhere, while delivering an exceptional level of customer service.

Tim Curran, CEO of RapidWorks, said: "Rapid Service Request is changing the way concrete pumping services are ordered, aligning it with the digital-first expectations of today’s market. Not only are we helping our customers fulfill orders faster and more accurately, but we’re thrilled to give them a competitive advantage that can help them build stronger relationships with contractors. It’s a win-win.”      

Brundage-Bone is the largest concrete pumping and materials placement service in the United States. They partnered with RapidWorks to be the first to collect orders with Rapid Service Request, a move that has already attracted praise from their general contractor customers.

Mark Young, President of US Concrete Pumping for Brundage-Bone, said: "The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Rapid Service Request allows them to see their scheduled pumps, track the status of current jobs, and review past orders all in one place. This level of transparency and control is exactly what our customers have been asking for, and it's helping us deliver a superior service experience.”

Rapid Service Request is now part of RapidWorks’ comprehensive suite of software solutions for heavy equipment service providers, designed to enhance fleet utilization, job dispatching, telematics GPS tracking, and labor management, while integrating customer ordering, billing, and payments into a single connected solution. Over 250 heavy equipment subcontractors in the concrete, hydrovac, and crane space, including Brundage-Bone, Camfaud Group, and GroundBreakers, trust RapidWorks to manage their operations and provide insight into performance and productivity every day.

RapidWorks is the leader in software solutions for the heavy construction equipment services industry, with hundreds of customers across North America, Europe, and Australia. Rapid ERP, Telematics GPS, and the Rapid On-the-Go mobile apps are the most widely used and trusted software products in the industry, enabling companies to dispatch and manage the complex requirements for construction work involving concrete pumping, hydrovac excavation, crane services dispatch, and other types of heavy construction jobs. With the growing trend of digitalization of the construction industry, RapidWorks’ flexible, scalable solutions are poised to lead the future of heavy construction fleet management with innovative mobile and telematics products, and cloud-based optimization and analytics. For more information visit

Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping (BBCP) is the largest concrete pumping and material placement service in the United States. Founded in 1983, today Brundage-Bone supplies the largest and most diverse fleet of concrete pumping vehicles and equipment with the most multi-regional locations across the nation. Their customers include contractors, sub-contractors, concrete contractors, and site developers in commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and residential construction. Learn more at



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