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RapidWorks Team6/28/24 10:06 AM1 min read

[Webinar] How modern contractor servicing improves customer relationships

 We are excited to share the recording of our recent webinar, "How Modern Contractor Servicing Can Improve Customer Relationships."

The session featured Matthew Bullis, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of RapidWorks, and Mark Young, US President of Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping.

Webinar - How modern contractor servicing improves customer satisfaction

In this webinar, Matthew and Mark talk about how contractor servicing is changing and share useful strategies to improve customer service. 

Key points from the webinar include:

  • The Need for Change: Learn why current ways of servicing contractors are no longer enough in today's fast-paced world and how changing demographics and increased labor costs are reasons to make this change.
  • Introducing RapidWorks Rapid Service Request: Discover a new, easier way for contractors to request pumps, that keeps concrete pumping service providers in control.
  • Building Relationships: See how modern, digital tools can strengthen relationships with contractors and improve communication.
  • Operational Advantages: Understand how new technologies can help make your back-office more productive, while also improving customer satisfaction.
  • Real-World Applications: Hear from Mark Young about how Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping is using these technologies to make big improvements in their operations.

Watch the full recording to hear all the details directly from Matt and Mark.



"Rapid Service Request is helping us deliver a superior service experience. Now we can give our customers the transparency and control they’ve been asking for. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Mark Young, Brundage-Bone
Mark YoungPresident of U.S. Concrete Pumping, Brundage-Bone

RapidWorks Team

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