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Give contractors an easy way to request concrete pumping services from your team 24/7 with Rapid Service Request.

For Concrete Pumpers

Be the concrete pumping team contractors love to work with. 

Rapid Service Request makes it easy for contractors to request your services online, so you can become their new favorite vendor. Plus your dispatching team can reduce ordering errors while cutting down their call volume. That's what we call a win-win. 

Dispatcher Job Confirmation & SR Requests - A
For Concrete Pumpers

Start receiving online orders today!

Invite Your Customers
Invite your customers to download the Rapid Service Request mobile app, where they'll connect directly with your team.
Receive Service Requests
New order requests go straight to your Dispatching Dashboard with everything you need to schedule the job. 
Confirm and Assign Jobs
Confirm order details with your customers, assign jobs to your crew, and automatically share status updates as your team works.
"Rapid Service Request is helping us deliver a superior service experience. Now we can give our customers the transparency and control they’ve been asking for. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Mark Young, Brundage-Bone
Mark YoungPresident of U.S. Concrete Pumping, Brundage-Bone
For Concrete Pumpers


Book a meeting with a member of our team to learn more about the RapidWorks platform and see Rapid Service Request in action.

We'll show you how you can...

  • Accept online job requests and keep your customers informed with Rapid Service Request.
  • Schedule new jobs and manage fleet utilization with the Dispatching Dashboard.    
  • Streamline job management with Electronic Job Tickets. 
  • Get real-time updates on your trucks and crew with map-based GPS Telematics
  • Get Digital DVIRs and JSAs as soon as operators submit them from the field.
  • and a whole lot more! 

Already a RapidWorks customer? 
Contact Customer Support to get started with Rapid Service Request.

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For Contractors

Request concrete pumping services online with Rapid Service Request. 

Rapid Service Request makes it easier than ever to request services from your favorite concrete pumping vendors. You can request new jobs anytime, anywhere with the self-service ordering portal, then confirm jobs and get status updates in real-time. Plus see the details of all your past orders in one place. It's that easy!

For Contractors

How to get started:

Download The App
Download the Rapid Service Request mobile app for iOS or Android.
Activate Your Account
Activate your account with your concrete pump vendor to connect to their service team. 
Place A Request
Enter the job details, place your request, and get notified when your vendor accepts the job.
For Contractors


Scan the QR code to download the Rapid Service Request mobile app for iOS or Android. 

Once you've downloaded the app, please request an authorization code from your concrete pump partner to activate your account.

Rapid Service Request app download
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