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RapidWorks Team5/1/24 10:15 AM1 min read

See How Howard Concrete Pumping Simplified Scheduling with RapidWorks

Howard Concrete Pumping is a seasoned team with five decades of experience in providing professional concrete pumping services across three regions including Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, and Belleville, IL.  In this interview, sales and operations manager David Zychowski talks about how their team uses RapidWorks to streamline job management and simplify scheduling. 

“About a year ago, we integrated with [RapidWorks] and it's been working quite well,” says Dave, who manages the sales and operations for the Pittsburgh region.  

“Scheduling [with RapidWorks] has been a major improvement from the way that we did things in the past. Our dispatcher was doing everything solely out of the office... It made it frustrating trying to get everybody on the same page and to know what equipment was available and what was already rented. [With RapidWorks] I’m able to go on in real time and immediately see what [equipment] is available, what’s not available, and schedule it with no question.” 

“[My favorite thing about it is] I don’t have to be any one place, I can do it wherever I’m at, which is extremely helpful... [RapidWorks] gives the flexibility of not having to be in an office or be in the truck. You can manage [your jobs] from anywhere.”  

Implementing RapidWorks has also helped their team reduce mistakes. “[RapidWorks system] double checks you, because at the end of the day you’re a human being and we all make mistakes.”  

Despite initial fear about adapting to the new technology, Dave and his team have adjusted well to RapidWorks. “We’ve adapted well. It’s very simple to use. I’m by no means a computer expert and I’ve navigated it just fine.”  

They saw such a great improvement that Dave would even recommend RapidWorks to their competitors. “I would recommend [RapidWorks] to anybody that’s in our business. It helps take the human element out of a frustrating scheduling deal. [RapidWorks] simplifies it.” 


RapidWorks Team

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