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RapidWorks Team3/20/24 1:05 PM1 min read

See why Central Concrete Pumping went paperless with RapidWorks

Central Concrete Pumping is a seasoned team who specializes in concrete pumping services throughout Fort Worth, Texas. They made the switch to what is now RapidWorksRapid On The Go! and saw great improvement in the efficiency of their business with the elimination of paper tickets.  

Dispatcher Ed Albin spoke to us about how RapidWorks makes communication seamless between dispatchers and operators. “I like [Rapid On The Go!] because guys can have all their information there. They can see everything [like] notes that I put in there. They can keep their job status current where I can see what they're doing all the time.” 

Albin tells us that with RapidWorks, operations are much more efficient. Albin loves that key job information like mapping and pins are easily shared between dispatchers and operators. 

“I used to make maps and route the guys from where they're going to go... [Now] when they get here the next morning and clock in, they hit route. And it takes them right where that pin is, where I put it...” he shared. “That's a benefit, because everything we do is new, and a lot of it's not even in Google mapping. But we can follow and drop [pins] and they can get there without any problems at all.” 

Albin saves time daily and completes his days on time thanks to RapidWorks. “[RapidWorks] is the most efficient way to track your equipment that's in the field, to keep track of where they're going... We've eliminated so much paperwork, from our map books, printing maps.”



RapidWorks Team

RapidWorks is on a mission to help heavy equipment service teams maximize profit and utilization by simplifying everything from quote to cash.