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RapidWorks Team4/3/24 1:15 PM1 min read

See how C&C Concrete Pumping Improved Dispatching with RapidWorks Electronic Ticketing

C&C Concrete Pumping is an experienced team that is committed to providing excellent service within concrete pumping, placement, finish, and cutting throughout the state of Florida and Dallas, Texas. By using RapidWorks, they cut down on paper job tickets and saw great improvement in streamlining the dispatch workflow.  

Stacy Gannon, head of dispatch, shared just how much RapidWorks has helped her every day. “It has tremendously cut down on paper and I only have to print very few tickets now because of the tablet,” Gannon says. “It cut down at least 20 minutes in the evening of having to print tickets, put them together, [and] make sure I got the right tickets.” 

Gannon also shared that implementing RapidWorks systems showed great improvement companywide and relieved both operator and dispatcher stress. 

“I can pull [RapidWorks] up when they're on a job and see what they've already inputted into their tablet, so that's a major plus. I like the fact that I can look at the screen without calling them and see they're in the washout, or see they're in route, without having to bother them... That takes some of the stress off them, and takes stress off me.”  

The result? Gannon says that the team has significantly cut down on mistakes. "It's been tremendous... Maybe not 100% [improvement], but close- for me, anyway" 

According to Gannon, despite some initial fear of the change, the company has adapted to this technology well.  

Her favorite part of RapidWorks? Live interaction with everyone, from customers to operators. “[RapidWorks] is a major improvement for what I do.” 

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RapidWorks Team

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